Public readings of the Declaration of Independence Part 1

Above is a short video of public readings of the Declaration of Independence.

For four years now, the Constitution Party of Texas has had a small, but growing program to sponsor and encourage Texans to gather at their county courthouses on the 4th of July and read the Declaration of Independence out loud. Sometimes it’s only an individual, or a single family. This year, on our nation’s 234th birthday, we did it again. Several of you participated in this event, and took children along to see that their parents and grandparents take this thing called Liberty very seriously.

Some have referred to the gathering of those lawfully elected delegates of the Colonies as “the Cradle of Liberty”, but we would disagree.

The Cradle of Liberty was neither the Battle of Lexington nor the Declaration of Independence.  Before there can be a harvest, there must be seeds planted, and the incubation period for that most remarkable event in the political history of the world had required about 150 years of fathers reading the Bible to their families every morning and every evening.

Out of that spiritual climate of Faith in God and Jesus Christ came a generation of leaders who were not only capable but determined to convey their faith into the public arena of government — men who understood that Freedom comes from Obedience to God, and the application of His laws to human acts of legislation.

They believed that the king himself was subject to the Law, and the Law was subject to the Creator and the Savior.  Radical stuff, both then (to the Europeans) and now (to the Humanists).  But it resulted in a country where Life, Liberty and Property became protected, not subsidized, not burdened with control, but where the opportunity to fail was just as important as the opportunity to succeed.

These men were, by today’s paltry standards, religious fanatics who knew little of “political correctness”, and nothing of “sensitivity training”.

But they had HOPE — hope of seeing their posterity living in a climate of freedom, NOT merely equality as the property of the Crown.

They sought CHANGE — from the tyranny of Central Planning to the exhilarating liberty of every man planning his own destiny.

Sure, there were still improvements to be made — they were radical for their day, and yet they had blind spots (like we all do).  They compromised on many things in order to hammer out a workable system of government which released the potential of its citizens like nothing known to history.
When we stop what we are doing, on a national holiday, and remind ourselves and our children why we have had such a country for so long, we plant the seeds for them to repeat the process and to hold at bay the wolves which never cease baying for  “Equality, Fraternity, Liberty.”

That slogan, from the perverted French Revolution, lives on today.  It was the antithesis of what our Founding Fathers created, for it resulted not in the building of anything, but in the tearing down of a society, then subsiding into absolute tyranny and murder on a scale never seen before in Europe, then ending in the welcome relief brought by a military dictator.

If American continues on its path today, of redistribution of the wealth instead of allowing the People to create new wealth, then Liberty will die and the Servant – the State – will become our new masters, and that Dream of our ancestors will have died.

We trust that we can rekindle the flame, with God’s help, and see Freedom on the march once again.

And we trust that you will finally be willing to cast off the psycho-babble of the two major Socialist parties in America, and help us build a viable alternative.  Our duty is to obey.  Victory will come to us only when enough people start to care about reserving their votes for a standard of Constitutional Law, minimal government, where government is not regarded as the solution and not the provider of welfare and subsidy.

We encourage you to build the Constitution Party in your county, and help us build an infrastructure that will have thousands of citizens listening, and participating in the readings of the Declaration next year, in your county.

Our readings were published in several newspapers around the state.

See link below to the article in the Princeton Herald:

We have posted a short video showing some of the sights and sounds of our annual reading of the Declaration of Independence. Click here to see the video.

For Life, Liberty and Property,

Bryan Malatesta